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the Students of the Arts of Living

A project dedicated to the advancement of human understanding of living in harmony with ourselves, human kind, nature, and the ultimate observer, or god! Especially about the place where the practical intersects the creative to manifest harmony in daily life.


This website is about the creative spark of the universe, the manifestation of creativity in living beings and all things conducive to the creative spark.

divergent in human behavior and what that teaches us about our relationship to the source of creativity itself.

Find the following topics explored here:

  • Mysteries of the Muse
  • Fine Art
  • Food, Fuel, Fiber
  • Healing Arts (maintenance of harmony with the body)
  • Alternative Architecture

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Subjects might include:

  • Permaculture or other holistic design systems
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Natural Building design and methodology
  • Renewable Energy / Resources
  • Diet and exercise 
  • Right livelihood
  • Spiritual practice

On this site find blogs dedicated to speaking with the voice of nature and spirit of truth on subjects ranging from fine art to appropriate technology and energy studies.

ART - any practicable art media including but not limited to painting, sculpture, pottery, photography, video/multimedia, poetry/prose

. . . because life inspires art inspires life.

to all the things that become arts because of the truth of our existence as human beings.